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Italy is a very beautiful country with romantic and famous architecture. That is one of the reason the services of tourism and housing are expensive. However, in contrast to this, a beautiful little town in Italy called Ollolai is selling the house for just $ 1, cheaper than a cup of cappuccino.

buying a house in italy with 1 usd

The town of Ollolai is located in the Barbagia hills of the Mediterranean. Although not the first Italian town to use this advertising trick but the first place to keep the promise of $1. Ollolai always prides itself on its natural beauty and rich history to cling to many people.

Formerly the capital of Barbagia, Ollolai is famous for its cuisine, with popular dishes such as roast pork, pizza or lamb cheese. But the town is getting quieter as young people emigrate to big cities. Many old houses in the village have been abandoned and gradually deteriorated over the years. One of the new owners of the houses said, "This town is as quiet as freezing in the flow of time."

How to buy a home as cheap as for just $1? Of course there are conditions for this sale. All of the 200 homes sold are downsized and buyers must commit to renovate it within 3 years. The area of each apartment is 40-150 sqm. However, the cost of repairs is not too expensive, around $25,000. This figure in comparison with the price in Italy is still "pleasant".

However, hidden behind the $ 1 is a plan to sell real estate to help Ollolai escape the future of turning into ghost town. Ollolai population has fallen by almost half from 2,250 to just 1,300 and the birth rate has plummeted. The mayor, Efisio Arbau, said the cheap sale along with the renovation would help create jobs and restore the economy at Ollolai. "My campaign is to rescue that unique tradition so that they will not fall into oblivion," he said.

As if to be forgotten, but Ollolai always shows its beauty, romance and attraction. The ancient houses built of granite on the island of Sardinia (the rocks only on the top of the mountain or the coast) is the most precious attribute that time brings. This is regrettable for the Italian government if they do not retain the old beauty of this town. Mr. Efisio Arbau is determined: "We need to bring houses from our grandparents back from the 'grave'."

Arbau has now sold three homes and more than 100 potential customers from around the world, including Russian and Australian, have expressed interest in becoming new residents of Ollolai town. The Italian government has always hoped that the new owner would invest and renovate old houses, thereby helping the economy and life in the town revive. This is reflected in the fact that they always create conditions for people everywhere can buy a home here for only $1.

Known as the "pristine heart" of Sardinia, the town of Ollolai lies at an altitude of 1,200m on the summit of Nodu de S'Aschisorgu. People and tourists can see lakes, streams and perennial forest with precious oak trees. Fresh air, absolutely no smoke and beautiful scenery that makes people become healthier, open and friendly locals are also big plus points for owning a house here. With the "$1" policy, hope for the town of Ollolai will revive in the future.

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